Welcome to my world of images and stories!


I am an illustrator and storyteller from the beautifully diverse South Africa and studied at Stellenbosch University. Here I obtained a MA in Visual Arts (cum laude) in which I explored personal storytelling, specifically in visual format. You see, this is what interests me most - stories, images, storied images and imaged stories.


I am currently teaching Illustration to final year students at Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography, as well as a newly developed subject, called Discourse, which focuses on social responsible visual communication and the role images can play in our changing world.


I am also working on my illustration career on the side by taking part in multiple exhibitions, competitions and freelance jobs.


Most recent activities include:

2018 Picture This! Worldwide Children's Picture Book Competition winner, 2018 Young Ones Jury Member, 2017 My Petit Bourgeois Revolution Group exhibition at Northern Contemporary Gallery in Toronto, Canada.



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